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Asphalt Care & Maintenance

Petroleum Products

Petroleum Erodes Asphalt

Gasoline, oil, or any petroleum product can be damaging to your Minnesota driveway. A concentrated amount can eat through the surface causing it to soften and deteriorate over a period of time. You should try to minimize any petroleum product spillage on the asphalt pavement. If any is spilled, items such as “floor dry” or kitty litter should be applied immediately to help the situation, and aid in soaking up the spill. For large or very bad areas the only long term, permanent solution is to remove the contaminated area and install a patch.


Driveway weeds

Weeds and grasses may grow on or at the edges of your driveway, or where your driveway abuts other structures such as your garage floor or sidewalk. Amazingly, a dandelion has approximately 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch, and can easily push through your asphalt. For prevention of weed or grass growth, a common weed killer can be used such as “Round Up” or “Weed-Be-Gone.”


Driveway edges

In most cases the new driveway and your existing lawn are not a perfect match. Some backfilling may be necessary to accomplish a flush condition. You can do this by filling the space between the driveway and your existing lawn with topsoil, and then seeding or sod the area. On the contrary, the new driveway may be lower than your existing yard elevation. In this case excavation and re-grading would be necessary. Backfilling should be done immediately following your driveway installation to avoid unnecessary erosion.

Surface & Tire Marks

Asphalt Driveway surface and tire marks

Any objects with pressure on a small area will also mark or depress the surface. Items such as, but not limited to trailer hitches, car jacks, bicycle and motorcycle kickstands, lawn chairs, ladders, and high heels, can cause surface markings. And the most common are tire marks. Even if you stay off of the pavement for the recommended amount of time, tire marks are usually unavoidable and can appear up to 2 years after the driveway is installed. Structurally they do not hurt the driveway, they are just an aesthetic mark. If the tire marks are extreme, a heat and ski process can be done by one of our asphalt maintenance teams.

Rough Appearance

Roughened Asphalt

Some areas of your driveway may appear to be rough or porous with more aggregate (rocks) showing. This is a characteristic of asphalt, and a more uniform appearance will be attained with time. Asphalt is a black-semi solid by-product of the production of gasoline from crude oil. When used as a binding agent in combination with aggregate (sand & gravel/rock), it produces the asphalt mix used in paving streets, highways, parking lots, and driveways. If you view any of these asphalt surfaces you can see that an asphalt surface can be somewhat porous or irregular in appearance and texture. If you do not like the visual look of the asphalt, a coal tar emulsion seal coat can be applied to give the driveway a smoother more uniform appearance, though it is not necessary.


Asphalt Seams

Driveways that are wider than the paving machine will have a line or a seam with each pass that the paving machine makes. These areas will appear to have more aggregate showing, but will blend in over time.


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